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My “Clean” Skincare Routine.

Hi, hi, hi!!! I'm back and it feels SO good. What a way to get back into it by sharing all about my clean + natural skincare routine. I get so many questions about products I use on my skin and wanted to write a detailed post with everything you need to know when starting… Continue reading My “Clean” Skincare Routine.


GUEST POST: My Toxin Free Journey by Sarah Alden Ott

Hi everyone! It's time for another guest post by Sarah Alden Ott all about her tips and tricks for switching over to a toxin-free lifestyle. Sarah is a wife, mom, speech language pathologist, and mindfulness guru. She runs her own health and wellness account on instagram @balancingmom_me. Check out her account for all the inspiration!… Continue reading GUEST POST: My Toxin Free Journey by Sarah Alden Ott

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Clean Home Series Part 3: The Bathroom.

Hello, hello, hello! Today is Part 2 of my Clean Home Series. I'm talking all about my least favorite room to clean... the bathroom! In my first post about toxic cleaning products, I shared how I used to use every bleach product imaginable because I "thought" that was necessary to completely disinfect every surface, especially the… Continue reading Clean Home Series Part 3: The Bathroom.

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How to get started with essential oils.

Happy Black Friday, everyone! In honor of Young Living having a huge sale today, I wanted to do a post all about how to actually get started with essential oils! When I first started using oils, I was using not-so-great ones from stores that did absolutely nothing for me. When I started transitioning to non-toxic products, I… Continue reading How to get started with essential oils.


Guest Post: Making Sense of Scents

Hi friends! Today is a guest post written by Nicole Baccaro. She has a fragrance allergy and wanted to share some super helpful info about fragrances and the different terms labeled on products. I hope you enjoy! Thanks, Nikki! ------------------------------------------------- I am allergic to the earth. No seriously, I am allergic to grass which covers… Continue reading Guest Post: Making Sense of Scents

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Candles + Carcinogens.

If there was a rehab group for candle addicts, I would have definitely been a member. When I tell you I was up obsessed with candles, I’m not lying. Every season (and day) brought a new opportunity to buy a new candle. Christmas wreath, pumpkin spice, springtime flowers, island ocean blue salt calm water candle...… Continue reading Candles + Carcinogens.

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DIY: Lavender + Coffee Body Scrub

Happy DIY Thursday, friends! Today, I'm showing you an easy DIY lavender + coffee scrub that I use weekly and love! It's made with coffee, coconut oil, sugar, and lavender essential oil which are all fabulous for natural exfoliation, hydration, and skin support. The caffeine in coffee is great for skin firming (and apparently reducing… Continue reading DIY: Lavender + Coffee Body Scrub


GUEST POST: That Dreaded Job Search: Advice from a New Hire

Today is my first "guest post" by Nikki Baccaro, my cousin. When I first started this blog, my purpose was to center it around natural beauty. But since then, I've realized it's SO much more than that. It's not just about detoxing your beauty products, but about detoxing your life. Getting rid of things or… Continue reading GUEST POST: That Dreaded Job Search: Advice from a New Hire

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Non-toxic Shampoo + Conditioner

Happy, Wednesday everybody! Every morning in the shower, I think to myself "You need to post about your shampoo and conditioner." Well, this post is it guys! I have yet to post about anything hair-related yet! On this "toxin-free" journey, shampoo and conditioner have been hard to switch out because I loved my products before… Continue reading Non-toxic Shampoo + Conditioner

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How I Got Started with Essential Oils!

Essential oils were literally the foundation for my transition to toxin-free beauty. They were the first things I bought and it’s how I slowly started ditching products & replacing them with essential oils. I don't know how I survived before without them. Before I started using oils, I assumed they were these weird potions/a form… Continue reading How I Got Started with Essential Oils!


Think Dirty.

If there's ONE thing you need to start transitioning to a clean beauty and lifestyle, it's the Think Dirty app. You know that feeling you had when restaurants started listing the calories in every meal and suddenly you're switching meals because you're frightened/overwhelmed/shocked by the calorie content in ONE salad?! Guys, that's how it was… Continue reading Think Dirty.