Toxin-free Toothpaste.

Today I'm chatting about something super important: toothpaste. So much of our "beauty" comes from our smiles and we all know it's SO important to have good dental hygiene. We all want those clean pearly whites and good oral hygiene is a MUST - but as you know, toxins are everywhere, and they don't stop… Continue reading Toxin-free Toothpaste.

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Non-toxic Shampoo + Conditioner

Happy, Wednesday everybody! Every morning in the shower, I think to myself "You need to post about your shampoo and conditioner." Well, this post is it guys! I have yet to post about anything hair-related yet! On this "toxin-free" journey, shampoo and conditioner have been hard to switch out because I loved my products before… Continue reading Non-toxic Shampoo + Conditioner

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How I Got Started with Essential Oils!

Essential oils were literally the foundation for my transition to toxin-free beauty. They were the first things I bought and it’s how I slowly started ditching products & replacing them with essential oils. I don't know how I survived before without them. Before I started using oils, I assumed they were these weird potions/a form… Continue reading How I Got Started with Essential Oils!


Think Dirty.

If there's ONE thing you need to start transitioning to a clean beauty and lifestyle, it's the Think Dirty app. You know that feeling you had when restaurants started listing the calories in every meal and suddenly you're switching meals because you're frightened/overwhelmed/shocked by the calorie content in ONE salad?! Guys, that's how it was… Continue reading Think Dirty.