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DIY Lash Serum.

I’ve been on the hunt for a toxin-free lash serum and I’ve finally found one I love! This lash serum is super easy to make, cost-effective, and works! I also put some on my brows, too!

All the ingredients below are amazing for hair growth and support! I put a drop or 2 of lavender in my regular mascara and I’m planning on making a hair growth serum with the 3 oils below too!

This recipe uses Young Living oils. I can’t speak on other company’s oils, but I do know that most oils that are sold at stores are cheap and made with lots of fillers (only 5% of the actual oil needs to be in certain essential oil company’s blends.. EEK!). So.. if you are going to make this, please make sure you are using a quality essential oil (especially since this will be near your eyes!


DIY Lash Serum

  • Empty mascara tube (I got mine here)
  • Young Living Lavender essential oil
  • Young Living Cedarwood essential oil
  • Young Living Rosemary essential oil
  • Organic castor oil (I got mine here)

Put 3 drops of each oil into the empty mascara tube. Fill the rest of the bottle with caster oil so the brush is completely saturated. Apply it to your lashes (and brows) at night. The castor oil makes this really thick so I like to wipe off as much excess from the brush before putting it on! Also.. please be careful to not get it in your eyes because that probably wouldn’t feel great!

It’s time to let those lashes grow!




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