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DIY Night Serum

My skin has needed a little TLC the past few months. Between the harsh winter, hormonal breakouts, and just aging skin in general (eeek!), I’ve been looking for something extra to add to my skincare routine at night. That’s where this DIY night serum comes in. 👍


I put this on my face before bed every night after cleansing and using a toner. It’s super easy to make, natural, effective, and way cheaper than some of those toxic facial serums at the department store that I used to spend way too much money on. It also lasts a super looooong time and acts as an amazing moisturizer that gives my skin a nice glow in the morning! Here are some of the benefits of the ingredients:

  • Rosehip seed oil: super moisturizing, good for all skin-types, helps to reduce appearance of acne scars, soothes skins, reduces dark circles and fine lines, and is anti-inflammatory
  • Lavender essential oil: help fights bacteria that compromise skin health, contains antioxidants that help fight off daily pollutants, may help smooth the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful look and boosts circulation. WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • Frankincense essential oil: has cell regenerating properties, rejuvenates skin, and helps reduce the appearance of aging

Super simple way to make it:

  1. Buy a small “dropper” bottle (Is that what those things are called?) I got mine at WholeFoods but you can also get it on Amazon. You can also make it in a roller bottle like pictured above too!
  2. Add 10-15 drops each of lavender and frankincense essential oil. Be sure to use  quality essential oils!!
  3. Fill the remainder of the bottle with rosehip oil (you can also use argan oil!) Both are hydrating and high in Omegas, antioxidants, and vitamin E.
  4. Put 1-2 drops on your face and neck every night.
  5. Watch your skin glow in the morning!

*You can buy the dropper bottles and oils on Amazon – just make sure you’re buying 100% organic, cold-pressed oils. If you don’t have rosehip oil or don’t want to buy it, you can also just add these oils to your daily/night moisturizer! I buy my essential oils through Young Living (I made a post all about them here), but if you don’t have them, you can just leave them out!





Source: Oil & Glass reference book


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