Think Dirty.

If there’s ONE thing you need to start transitioning to a clean beauty and lifestyle, it’s the Think Dirty app.

You know that feeling you had when restaurants started listing the calories in every meal and suddenly you’re switching meals because you’re frightened/overwhelmed/shocked by the calorie content in ONE salad?! Guys, that’s how it was for me with this app. It was frightening, overwhelming, and shocking.

I talked allllll about different toxic chemicals found in everyday products in my last post. It’s super helpful to be aware of some of these names, but let’s be real.. when I’m shopping for a product in the store, I’m never going to remember all the names of these chemicals.

Enter Think Dirty app.

It’s a FREE app that allows you to scan your products (or type them in the search bar). It then gives the product a rating from 0-10 (0-cleanest product, 10-most toxic product) based on how many toxic ingredients they contain. IT’S SO EASY. And also super scary. It lists all the ingredients in the product and color codes them based on their toxicity. It’s not just for beauty products — you can enter laundry detergents, dish soaps, cleaning products in there too (FYI: Lysol spray is an 8!) LIFE. SAVER. Here is a description of their “Dirty Meter” rating system:

So.. how do you use it? Well, here’s an example of how helpful this was for me. Here is the shampoo I was using 7 months ago on the ThinkDirty app:

Yikes. An 8/10 on the toxicity scale AND it contains scary toxic ingredients. No thanks. So I switched. Here’s what I use now:

Ahh. Much better.

Environmental working group ( also has databases you can search. I use this to supplement Think Dirty too!

Moral of the story: I use this app everywhere I go. If you ever see me in a store, you will find me scanning the barcodes of every product with this app. I aim to only buy products that are a 4 or less, but the lower the number, the better! It’s an easy way for you to start to take inventory of what you have and start planning which products you want to switch out first!

So sit down, drink your coffee, and start scanning your current products!


Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.55.09 PM


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