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Natural Morning Skincare Routine

Skincare. It’s probably my favorite thing. I’ve always tried to take care of my skin but now that I’m nearing 30 (eeeek!), I’m really trying to be proactive and super conservative about my skin. (AKA not baking in the sun for hours like I used to)

I’ve simplified my skincare routine times 10000 over the past 6 months. I used to have every skincare product you could name.. cleansers, exfoliators, chemical peels, scrubs, serums, eye cream, wrinkle cream, masks, moisturizers. You name it and I probably had it.

But I didn’t use them all consistently and my skin was FREAKING out. Here’s a little back story on my skin: I never really had acne growing up. Not as a teenager. Not in high school. Not really in college. But once I graduated from college, my skin revolted. I got horrible hormonal acne on my chin. It was painful and would never go away no matter what products I put on them. I ended up going off birth control completely (that’s a story for another day) because I felt like my hormones were so out of whack. I knew my diet and lifestyle was contributing as well as the products I was putting on my face so I got rid of the junk. I started using natural toxin-free products on my face and simplified my routine significantly. So many of the skincare products I was using had toxins related to reproductive and hormonal health, and I figured it clearly wasn’t helping my hormonal imbalance I had going on… so I ditched them and it has been SO much better (not perfect, but better).

I’ve been using Acure products for the past few months and I honestly love them. They’re clean, effective, easy to find, and not expensive. Maybe someday I’ll be able to spend $100 on serums and cleansers, but that’s not my lifestyle right now. You can find Acure’s products on Amazon or at most Target store!

So here’s my “simple” morning routine:

  1. I wash my face with this cleanser every morning. I have very dry skin but it’s super hydrating!img_4116
  2. Every other day or 2, I use this Acure Facial Scrub. It’s helped SO much with any acne scars I’ve had on my chin and leaves my face feeling so smooth.img_4115
  3. I use this Witch Hazel as a toner. I just started adding this to my routine about a month ago but it’s really helped! I’ve definitely had fewer breakouts in my problem areas. I just put it on a cotton round and wipe it all over my face.
  4. Then I use this daily moisturizer. It doesn’t have an SPF (which I wish it did) but I still love it as a moisturizer. It keeps my skin hydrated all day which is important since I have such dry skin!
  5. Then I put on my makeup! My CC cream has SPF in it, but if I’m not wearing that, I use Beauty Counters sunscreen which I love! I’m going to do a post this week all about my natural everyday makeup routine so stay tuned!

⭐️🌿Also..this is not sponsored! I just really like their products and have found they work for me. I use the “Brilliantly Brightening” line because I’m trying to reduce my scarring and brighten my complexion, but find a line that works for your concerns!

Here are the links to the products on Amazon if you want to check them out:
witch hazel toner:

And that’s it! It’s simple, effective, and most importantly… toxin free. Do you have any clean skin products you absolutely love? Have you ever tried any of these products before?


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