About Courtney

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Hi! I’m Courtney and I am a make-up and skincare junkie. I used to spend countless hours (and money) at make-up stores. I bought every expensive beauty item I could get my hands on, but this all changed in January when a family member of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was devastating, shocking, and most likely due to “environmental” factors. WHAT?! I didn’t even know what that meant, but I began researching, attending conferences, and reading every book I could find and discovered the world of “toxins” in beauty products. My diet was clean and organic, but I didn’t realize that the beauty products I put on my body were just as important as the food I put in my body. My body was absorbing all these toxins in my makeup, skin products, and hair products. Here’s a *shocker* .. the FDA doesn’t even regulate or approve these chemicals found in beauty products! Over these past few months, I’ve been on a mission to find clean, affordable, effective, and TOXIN-FREE beauty products that are actually safe for you.. and really do work! So join me as we raid your drawers, make-up bags, and homes to discover new, healthy, safe, and effective beauty alternatives. It’s time for a clean slate!